Anthony Jurado (Milan Compétition) became the Clio Cup Europe leader after his victory on Saturday and repeated the feat on Sunday after a breathtaking battle with teammates Nicolas Milan and Marc Guillot at Circuit Paul Ricard. While the French driver consolidated his lead on the European scene, Nicolas Milan beat the odds to win his eighth Clio Cup France title and his 14th in Clio Cup ! Two more Clio Cup France titles were decided, with Alexandre Albouy (GPA Racing) winning the Challengers Cup and Mathieu Rigoulet (Vic’Team) the Gentlemen Drivers Cup !

The duel between Anthony Jurado and David Pouget (GPA Racing), which started on Friday, resumed in qualifying, and the roles were once again reversed, with David Pouget beating Anthony Jurado by 0.032s for the race 2 pole position. Alexandre Finkelstein (GPA Racing) and Léo Jousset (Milan Compétition) shared the second row ahead of Nicolas Milan.

David Pouget immediately kept the lead from the pole position while Anthony Jurado was less successful, slipping behind Alexandre Finkelstein. Further back, Léo Jousset lost out to Nicolas Milan, Marc Guillot and Jerzy Spinkiewicz (Uniq Racing) on an opening lap without incident.

Clio Cup France leader David Pouget controlled the situation by taking advantage of the battle between his teammate Alexandre Finkelstein and Anthony Jurado to widen the gap. However, the race and the fight for the Clio Cup France title changed on lap three. David Pouget suffered a gearbox issue and slowed down in the pitlane before retiring while the Milan Compétition trio of Anthony Jurado, Nicolas Milan and Marc Guillot got the better of Alexandre Finkelstein.

In this leading group, Nicolas Milan was the first to attack on lap four. Anthony Jurado retaliated two laps later before his team manager answered as Marc Guillot looked on, and a group of seven drivers vied for fourth place.

Animated by audacious manoeuvres and daring attempts, the different battles intensified until the chequered flag. Anthony Jurado sealed the win with a pass for the lead on the penultimate lap. The leader of the Clio Cup Europe won ahead of Nicolas Milan, crowned in Clio Cup France, and Marc Guillot. Alexandre Finkelstein finished fourth overall and was victorious in an epic battle for honours in the Challengers category, overtaking Joran Leneutre (JSB Compétition), whilst Jerzy Spinkiewicz took sixth place from Léo Jousset in the final kilometres. Nikola Miljkovic (Tempo Racing Team), Nico Abella (Chefo Sport) and Adrian Schimpf (Cotauto Motorsport) completed the top ten, whilst Jérémy Bordagaray (Milan Compétition) scored his second triumph of the weekend among the Gentlemen Drivers.


Thanks to his performance, Anthony Jurado took his ninth victory of the season in Clio Cup Europe ahead of his teammates and closest pursuers, Nicolas Milan and Marc Guillot. With this success, the Montpellier native will enter the season-finale at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in a favourable position. David Pouget can still clinch the title, but no longer controls his fate. Jerzy Spinkiewicz, who has already won the Challengers Cup, won, as he did, on Saturday ahead of Nikola Miljkovic and Nico Abella. Lastly, Stephan Polderman (Chefo Sport) reclaimed the lead in the Gentlemen Drivers Cup by dominating the proceedings in his category against his last remaining rivals, Quinto Stefana (Milan Compétition) and Rene Steenmetz (Chefo Sport).


Nicolas Milan did what was necessary after David Pouget’s retirement to win his eighth French Clio Cup title, and third in a row. The Lot-et-Garonne driver and team principal now has 14 titles to his name and won ahead of Challengers Alexandre Finkelstein, Joran Leneutre and Jerzy Spinkiewicz. Despite a pit stop at the end of lap two, Alexandre Albouy won the Challengers Cup by three points over Joran Leneutre. Jérémy Bordagaray doubled up in the Gentlemen Drivers Cup ahead of Pierre Monmaneix (GPA Racing) and Mathieu Rigoulet, who held on to clinch the title despite a collision with Cédric Delcroix (GPA Racing) !


Nico Abella won the Clio Cup Spain after taking the lead at the start, and he was in perfect form ahead of the season finale in Barcelona. The Spaniard won ahead of Adrian Schimpf and Alex Lahoz (Cotauto Motorsport) to dethrone Alex Royo (Team VRT), who was sixth today, from the lead of the general classification. Nico Abella also consolidated his lead over his Challengers Cup rivals. Meanwhile, Frenchman Fabien Julien (LR Performance) took a double victory in the Gentlemen Drivers Cup and clinched the title against Joaquin Rodrigo (Vearsa Sport).

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The fourteenth and final meeting of the 2022 Clio Cup Series season will see Clio Cup Europe, Clio Cup Italia and Clio Cup Spain competitors battle it out on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya from 11-13 November.